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December 2006

JIRA 3.7 Now Available, Introducing Crowd for Single Sign-On, Atlassian Founders Named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, Gliffy Diagrams, A Subtle Ploy that Gets the Wiki Going, Outsmarting Spammers, Technical Insight from Our Developers, Treasure Hunting in Confluence, Zombies Recommended, Atlassian Partners Cover the Clock, and the Globe!

November 2006

A Sneak Peek at JIRA 3.7, New Confluence Theme Introduces 'Comments' Tab, You're Invited to our December User Groups, Confluence on Rails, Best Way to Set Up Your Wiki, Case Study Spotlights Confluence as an Extranet, Wikis in Education: The Book, Atlassian Selected for BRW Fast 10

October 2006

Atlassian User Group Roundup, JIRA on Display, Good Fences Make Aloof Neighbours, Universal Wiki Converter Update, Lost in Translation, How to Get Your Co-Workers to Use a Wiki, Traditional Website or Wiki Web-Publishing?, A Day Watching the Confluence Team, Atlassian on ScobleShow CEO Talk – Watch, Order Page Optimisations

September 2006

Atlassian Acquires Authentisoft Single Sign-On Solution, JIRA 3.6.5 Released, RSVP Easily in Confluence, Tangosol Helps Confluence Get Massive, Atlassian in a City Near You, Constitution Day Wiki, A Better Way to Sell Software?, New Faces, Dextrus Prosoft Joins the Atlassian Partner Program


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Ryan Anderson

Three awesome improvements to help you organize tables in Confluence

Tables are a useful tool when creating beautiful and organized Confluence pages. In our latest release, Confluence 5.8, we made some major improvements to table functions that will help you create an ...

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