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December 2009

Confluence 3.1 has left the building!, JIRA Studio 2.0 Released, Atlassian donates $250k to Room to Read, GreenHopper 4.2, JIRA iPhone Web Interface Plugin, MO with the MOst Announcement, Task Management, Mockups and Diagrams - All in the Wiki, Crucible & FishEye 2.1 Webinar Recording, Tools for stand-ups in agile and scrum teams, Atlassian Summit 2010: Call for Speakers

November 2009

FishEye & Crucible 2.1 Released, Free Confluence Licenses, Updated Support Policy, JIRA 4.0 Performance, Updated IDE Connector for Eclipse, Put Sonar Gadgets on the JIRA Dashboard!, Atlassian is Helping Change the Face of Men's Health

October 2009

JIRA 4 - The centre of your development world, Get ready, set, GO: $10 Starter licenses are here, Bamboo 2.4 released!, Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDEA updated, The Cash for Clunkers award ceremony, Taskdock may revolutionize how you use Confluence, Integrating Atlassian apps and slaying dragons

September 2009

Announcing Atlassian Codegeist, Atlassian at TED - Daniel Pink on 21st Century Motivation, Clover 2.6 is available, Confluence for Business Intelligence Part 2 - Retrieving Data, Technical Writing In Agile Software Development - Part 1, Testing: You don't have to be Agile to be agile, Trade-In Your Clunky Bug Tracker for a Free Version of JIRA 4, Recruitment - 5 tips from Atlassian, AtlasCamp 2009, New Atlassian Product Blogs: Subscribe now

August 2009

Atlassian is hiring 32 engineers in Sydney!, JIRA 3.13.5 released & JIRA 4.0 Beta 2 now available, Dig Deep into Confluence 3.0's Features, Calling all Devs - AtlasCamp 2009!, Bamboo 2.3 is Available, Using JIRA for Product Management, Integrate JIRA with Jama Contour, Crowd 2.0 is Here!, jQuery Bondage

July 2009

FishEye 2 and Crucible 2 released!, Connectors for Eclipse & IntelliJ IDEA Released, 10 things you didn't know about JIRA Studio, Agile @ Atlassian Roundup, Help us Integrate Confluence with Alfresco, GreenHopper for JIRA: Not Just for Agile, JIRA and Zendesk: Peanut Butter Jelly Time!, Confluence Customer wins 'Open Enterprise Innovation' Award at Enterprise 2.0

June 2009

Summit 2009 Redux, Introducing Confluence 3.0, Atlassian acquires GreenHopper, agile @ Atlassian, Introducing the Atlassian Plugin Exchange, Atlassian Clover wins Duke's Choice Award, Atlassian Eclipse Connector 1.0 released, 40 to 7: How We Sped Up Confluence's Build by a Factor of 5

May 2009

Clover 2.5 Released, Announcing the Charlies, Stimulus Package raises over $100K, From Generalists to Specialists, Getting JIRA and Confluence onto Amazon EC2, Bamboo plugins for Git and GitHub, Newsletter Exclusive!, Newsletter Survey Results

April 2009

Atlassian Stimulus Package, Making you (even more) productive in Eclipse, Atlassian's 20% Time now out of Beta, Bamboo 2.2 webinar recording now available, Wiki Theater - Five Killer Use Cases for Wikis, Creating an FAQ in Confluence, Bamboo Customer Stories: Why so many developers adopt CI, Newsletter Exclusive!

March 2009

Bamboo 2.2 - Instant scalability using the cloud, Community contributions in Atlassian documentation, From startup to $100M, Studio 1.6 - Add comments directly to Activity Stream, Confluence WebDAV plugin 2.0-beta2 released, Comparing SharePoint to Confluence?, Universal Wiki Converter - Now with SSL Support, Support Earth Hour and Turn Off The Lights!, Events, Newsletter Survey

February 2009

AtlasCamp Videos, Atlassian IntelliJ Connector 2.0 Now Available, Summit agenda is live!, How to make writing unit tests fun again (Mockito to the rescue), Confluence Team Hosted now with Balsamiq Mockups, git bisect, Upcoming Events, Cornify your Confluence, Atlassian User Task Force

January 2009

Mike's AtlasCamp Keynote Video, The first (useful) Atlassian Dashboard, Crowd Caching in 1.6, Upcoming Events, 2009 Email Brevity Challenge - Who's game?, Styling Tabs in Confluence 2.10, ShipIt X - Attack of the Gadgets, What Wikis can Learn from Kapla Blocks, Atlassian Summit, Confluence Team Hosted for $49 - Tell your friends


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