JIRA 5 Goes Social

JIRA 5 connects the dots between people, applications, and activity to help teams collaborate smarter and faster.

Use JIRA to track bugs and defects, link issues to source code, plan agile development, and report on project status.

With JIRA 5 you get awesome social features, clever integration points, and a massive list of add-ons to enable great teams to build great software.

Take 'er for a spin

Fab Features From JIRA 5

Connecting Applications

You probably already know JIRA issue keys make magic happen: Link any issue to changesets, code reviews, and builds by simply dropping the issue key into your commit message.

Want to link that issue to a requirement doc in Confluence? How about an opportunity in Salesforce or support case in Zendesk?

JIRA 5 introduces remote linking to anything with a URL, offering complete tracebility from your critical business applications down to each line of code.

Connecting Activity

JIRA 5 is the go-to place to stay updated on everything happening across teams, projects and applications.

Remote applications can now add updates to JIRA 5 activity streams so your development team gets instant feedback when specifications change in Confluence, builds fail in Bamboo, and new test execution cycles start in Zephyr.

JIRA 5 ensures your team stays in the loop with what's going on within your organization.

Learn From Past Experiences

JIRA Query Language (JQL) has powerful new operators to let you search on all of the ways issues have changed, giving you new insight into the movement of work within your workflow, between priorities, and across teams.

JQL now supports historical searching on assignee, priority, resolution, and status. You can even refine your search by who made the change and when it was made.

Quick Create & Edit

Create issues rapidly using the new Create Issue dialog. Simply select the 'Create another' check box to create a series of similar issues - JIRA automatically re-populates the field values you just filled in! 

The new Edit Issue dialog box remembers your last set of field choices, giving you a personally customized set of the fields you use most.

Connecting Development to the Rest of the Business

Want to connect your application with JIRA 5? With our new and improved Stable and REST APIs the sky is the limit.

Check out how Minecraft – the incredibly addictive game about placing blocks to build almost anything you can imagine – connects to JIRA 5, to ensure that you never lose track of the things you are building ever again!

You can find JIRA add-ons for test management software, time tracking, project management, and hundreds of other uses. Discover JIRA add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace or from the Administration console of JIRA.

JIRA’s REST API has undergone significant changes and improvements with JIRA 5 – including all the possible ways to search for and work with issues and their related objects.

This means external developers can integrate with JIRA OnDemand completely remotely. Search for and work with issues, insert events into JIRA Activity Streams, and tie objects in an external application to JIRA issues directly with Remote Issue Links.

JIRA 5 Deep Dive - Remote Integrations

Users, administrators, and plugin developers will all rest assured that any JIRA 5.0 compatible plugins that use the new Stable API will continue to work as expected with JIRA 5.x releases. You won't need to wait for action from a plugin developer before you can upgrade to JIRA 5.1 and beyond.

JIRA applications enhance the functionality of JIRA 5 by providing powerful solutions built directly on top of the JIRA platform.

Add agile project management to your JIRA projects with Greenhopper. Explore real-time test case management and dynamic test results with Zephyr. Browse hierarchical issue lists and a rich user interface for sub-tasks with Structure. Connect your organization's activities and report on them with Tempo

Whatever your need, JIRA applications give you the power and ease to manage your workload from within the interface you know and love: JIRA.

100+ Compatible Add-Ons

We want the best possible experience for all JIRA users, so Atlassian is committed to investing in this set of stable APIs to support developers integrating with our tools. To show you our commitment, we've been working with add-on developers everywhere, and there are already almost 500 add-on compatible with JIRA 5!

Our big, fat list of JIRA 5 Add-Ons

  • Active JIRA Live Help
  • Add-on: Zephyr for JIRA
  • Agile Cards
  • Appfire's Enterprise Migration Utility (EMU) for JIRA
  • Atlassian Bonfire
  • Atlassian Command Line Interface
  • Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio
  • Atlassian Developer Toolbox
  • Atlassian .NET SDK
  • Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager
  • Autowatch Jira
  • Balsamiq Mockups for JIRA
  • Behaviours Plugin
  • Box in JIRA, by AppFusions
  • BrightIdea JIRA Connector
  • Bugbox for JIRA
  • BugCam
  • Bulk Create Issues Plugin for JIRA
  • Ceptah Bridge
  • Ceptah Worklog - JIRA time tracking
  • Color Custom Field
  • Conditions Validator
  • Connector for Salesforce and JIRA
  • CustomWare Core Connector Plugin
  • CustomWare JIRA Confluence Link
  • CustomWare Sauce Labs Connector Plugin
  • CustomWare Traffic Lights
  • Database Custom Field
  • EA Connector for Jira®
  • eazyBI
  • Enterprise Tester
  • Exocet
  • Flowdock for JIRA
  • Freshdesk
  • Gliffy JIRA Plugin
  • Go2Group synapseRT
  • Google Docs in JIRA, by AppFusions
  • GreenHopper
  • Groovy Runtime
  • HiQo Confluence Links for JIRA
  • HP/Palm Jira Commons Plugin
  • HP/Palm Jira Search Plugin
  • Innotas IT Project and Portfolio Management
  • Issue merger for JIRA
  • JavaMelody Monitoring Plugin
  • JIRA Bamboo Plugin
  • JIRA Calendar Plugin
  • JIRA Charting Plugin
  • JIRA Client
  • JIRA Command Line Interface
  • JIRA Connector for IBM Sametime (Enterprise IM), by AppFusions
  • JIRA Create On Transition
  • JIRA Drag and Drop Attachments Plugin
  • JIRA DVCS Connector
  • JIRA Email This Issue Plugin
  • JIRA+ Enterprise Activity in IBM Connections
  • JIRA Extendable Mail Handler
  • JIRA FishEye Plugin
  • Jira FreshBooks Connector
  • JIRA Gantt-Chart Plugin
  • JIRA Gantt Chart Project
  • JIRA Hero
  • JIRA in Jive Integration, by AppFusions
  • JIRA Issue Collector
  • JIRA Linker Plugin
  • JIRA Metadata Plugin
  • JIRA Mindmap Planner for Astah
  • JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions
  • JIRA Mobile Connect
  • JIRA PDF View Plugin
  • JIRA Project Role Tab
  • JIRA QuickBuild plugin
  • JIRA-Ruby Gem
  • JIRA Russian localization
  • JIRA SMS Sender Plugin
  • JIRA Subversion Plugin
  • JIRA Suite Utilities
  • Jira Timesheet Report and Portlet Plugin
  • JIRA Time Zone Detection plugin
  • JIRA to JIRA Issue Copy
  • JIRA Toolkit Plugin
  • JIRA Traffic-Light Status
  • JIRA Voters and Watchers Plugin
  • JIRA Wallboards
  • JIRA Workflow Designer
  • Jitter
  • JJUPIN - Simple Issue Language for JIRA
  • JQL Tricks Plugin
  • katl-commons
  • LucidChart for JIRA
  • MeetingRoom
  • Planning Poker for JIRA
  • PowerReport
  • Practical JIRA Development
  • Python CLI for JIRA
  • Quick Filters Plugin for Activity Streams
  • "Speak My Language" Translation On Demand for JIRA
  • ScreenSnipe for JIRA
  • Script Runner
  • SCRUM Standup for JIRA
  • Single-Sign-on (SSO) Authenticator for Active Directory (via Kerberos)
  • Software License Manager (SLIM)
  • Speakeasy Plugin
  • SQLFeed
  • Structure
  • SuggestiMate for JIRA
  • Symproj - Worked
  • Table Grid Plugin
  • Team Calendars JIRA Integration
  • Tempo Plugin - Time Tracking and Billing Management
  • Testing Anywhere - JIRA plugin
  • TFS4JIRA - Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) Integration with JIRA
  • time.ON - Efficient Time Tracking
  • Time posting to TrafficLIVE
  • tinymce-renderer-plugin
  • TortoiseSVN Plugin
  • User Group Picker
  • UserVoice to JIRA Connector
  • VertygoSLA
  • Webwork Sample
  • Workflow Visualization Plugin
  • Workload
  • Worklog Assistant (time tracking)
  • Zephyr Test Management Plugin
  • zTeamwork JIRA
Direct commenting with @mentions to individuals and reducing the number of watchers on a feature greatly increase the effectiveness of our communications within JIRA. Really top-notch stuff.
Max Pool Founder, Sycorr
JIRA 5 redefines how teams work together to enrich customer satisfaction, without experiencing the friction induced by constant context switching and jarring software tool dissonance.
Adrian McDermott VP of Engineering & Product Mgmt,
We are confident in betting our business on JIRA's success by using the platform to provide a native test management application inside JIRA 5, aligning development and QA workflows.
Samir Shah CEO, Zephyr